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Monsoon In France: A Season To Cherish Rains In The World’s Most Romantic City In 2019

The climate in France vividly distributed throughout the year with different places having different weather conditions. Monsoon in France is majorly witnessed during the month of October in major French cities. France weather gets cold during and after the rains, so it’s best to visit places that are indoor attractions.

The ideal time to plan a holiday in France is in the months of September to November. October also brings around the best season to visit France. The rains does not last for a month or two but for some days.

Average Rainy Days in October

Paris – 12 days
Bordeaux – 14 days
Lyon – 12 Days
Nice – 11 days
Strasbourg – 13 days

If you are planning to spend Monsoon season in France, then here are the best places to visit in 5 major French cities:

a.Eiffel Tower Dinner

Restaurant in Eiffel Tower

Who would want to miss a romantic breezy dinner sitting on a height from where you can view the spectacular city of Paris. The 58 Tour Eiffel is a restaurant located on the iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris. This is the ideal place to enjoy the beautiful France weather.

b . Disneyland Paris

Disneyland in Paris

It is usually the Halloween time in October. It is an exciting to opportunity to visit Disneyland in Paris in October and see all your favourite Disney characters dressed according to the event.

c. International Contemporary Air Fair

Grand Palais in Paris

If you don’t want to get wet in the rain and are looking for some indoor thing to do during monsoon in France then you must visit the International Contemporary Art Fair (FIAC). The fair is organised at the Grand Palais, an ancient glass building which is itself an art.

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a. Place de la Bourse

Place de la Bourse in Paris

Build in 1720s, Place de la Bourse is a grand square on the left bank of the Garonne. Its Water Mirror, a large pool with shallow film of water, reflecting the Place de la Bourse is a beautiful sight especially during the monsoon season in France.

b. La Cite du Vin

La Cite du Vine in France

La Cite du Vin is highly modern cultural centre in Bordeaux city, dedicated to wine. The stunning architecture includes a 3,000sqm building, with 55-meter tower. You will have a good time visiting the high-tech museum that tells about the history of wine and the belvedere bar where you can taste some delicious wine.

c. Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux

Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux in France

Built in 1780, Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux, is an architectural masterpiece. The building looks more attractive at night with illuminated 12 statues of the muses and the goddesses arranged on the roof of the structure. Watch a mesmerising performance by the National Bordeaux Opera to complete your experience.

a.Lumiere, Grand Lyon Film Festival

Lumiere in France

If you are a movie lover and you happen to visit Lyon in October, Lumiere can be that one big plan for you during monsoon in France. Enjoy the four back-to-back blockbusters screened at the Halle Tony Garnier on a night before the end of this grand fest.

b. Lyon Tasting

Lyon Tasting fest in france

Lyon Tasting is a gathering of wine professionals and enthusiasts organised by a reputed wine magazine. The grand indoor hall at the Lyon’s chamber of commerce, Palais de la Bourse is a great venue for event during monsoon in France. Here you can enjoy various flavours of French wine.

c. Lyon Fine Arts Museum

Lyon Fine Arts Museum France

If you admore art, Lyon’s Fine Art Museum will interest you with its exclusive display of works by artist Fred Deux. There are 200 drawings of fred on display. The museum also has a collection of decorative arts including jewellery, glassware, ceramics, etc.

a. Parc Phoenix

Parc Phoenix France

Parc Phoenix is spread over 7-hectares of western end of the Promenade des Anglais. The park has 20 themed zones 2,500 plant species growing around ponds in a large modern greenhouse. I’m sure, you won’t mind a little sprinkling rain in this beautiful paradise park.

b. Nice Cathedral

Nice Cathedral France

Nice Cathedral, located in the Vieille Ville, looks like a usual cathedral from the outside, except for its patterned dome. But as you enter the building, you’ll be astonished to see the interiors, with a lavish baroque design, ten chapels – decorated with sculptures, paintings and gildings.

c. Musee Marc Chagall

Musee Marc Chagall France

Marc Zakharovich Chagall was a famous Russian-French modern artist. He was so engaged in the design of the museum, Musee Marc Chagall, that the placement of each of his work was decided by him. The major attraction of the place is his 17 paintings based on bible.

a. Barrage Vauban

Barrage Vauban France

Barrage Vauban is a fortified bridge and weir on the River Ill. Built it 1600s, the fort was held a significant position in the city’s defences even till Franco-Persian War in 1870. This iconic structure has an internal corridor and visitors can go upto the roof.

b. Le Vaisseau

Le Vaisseau France

Le Vaisseau, an interactive science museum, is perfect getaway from a rainy day in France, especially for kids. There are 130 interactive exhibits and displays are in English, French and German. They also screen 3D movie that is changed every 3 months.

c. Eglise Saint-Pierre le Jeune

Eglise Saint-Pierre le Jeune france

Saint-Pierre le Jeune is an architectural pallet of different periods. For instance, the crypt are the vestiges of a Columban Church from the 600s, with roman cloister, dating 1000s. While the nave and its colorful fresco belong to the 14th-15th century, the gallery has an organ from the 18th century. Here, you will have a good time exploring the impressive harmony of various architecture.

Monsoon in France takes romance to its zenith. Each city has a different take on monsoon, which you will experience only when you are there. You must be eager to plan a holiday to France. So, à bientôt! (See you soon!)