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5 Places In India Where Discrimination Against Indians Still Persists!

What if I tell you a taint of discrimination still lingers in some of the most popular tourist destinations in India against our own countrymen? Shocked and disgusted? Well, there may not be sign boards of “Dogs and Indians are not allowed” at these places to remind us of the pre-independence era of India, but there are strict restrictions on the entry of Indians. It is understandable that foreign tourists constitute a major income for those working in the hospitality industry, but should that translate to contempt for our own people!

1. Free Kasol Cafe


Free Kasol Cafe in Himachal’s Kasol village in Kullu district is among those popular places that refuse to serve Indian visitors. About 2 years ago, An Indian lady and her British friend told a new channel and posted on a social networking site that they were turned away from the cafe due to the woman’s ethnicity. Later, the manager told a news channel that he was in a bad mood which caused the situation. Well, this doesn’t sound like a good enough reason to turn a customer away.

2. Uno-In Hotel, Bangalore

hotel building

Built in 2012 in association with Nippon Infrastructure, Uno-In Hotel was established due to the increasing number of Japanese clients in the city. The hotel has been in the news many times due to discrimination against Indians. They did not entertain Indian and other foreign nationals in their restaurants. According to a news report, the hotel has now been shut by Greater Bangalore City Corporation on charges of racial discrimination.

3. Red Lollipop Hostel, Chennai

a lady at reception in lollipop hostel

Situated right in the heart of Chennai, Red Lollipop hostels is reserved only for expats. If you checkout their website, you’ll see that they proudly claim that “they are one of a kind hostel in Chennai for first time visitors to India. Admission by passport only and rights reserved.” This “international standard” hostel in Chennai does not entertain Indian travelers.

4. “Foreigner-only” beaches of Goa

a couple sitting on beach

Many Indians have witnessed and experienced discrimination in one of the most popular beach destination of India, Goa. Anjuna Beach is one of the beaches where you’ll hardly find Indians due to local Goans’ behavior against them. Although no beach in Goa or anywhere in India legally restricts the entry of Indians, but Goans do not allow Indians on some beaches as they think they cause nuisance for foreigners. Locals justify their racist behavior by saying “they’re trying to protect beachwear-clad foreign guests from lusty gazes.”

5. “Foreigner-only” beaches of Pondicherry

a couple in water in beach

You won’t find discrimination against Indian only on the beaches of Goa. People of Pondicherry also like to keep Indians at bay. One can see rope or barricade demarcations that are created by the shack and restaurant owners to stop Indians from entering. An Indian traveler wrote in his travel experience that after severe reproach, they were allowed to enter through the back door.