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9 Beautiful Highways In India Studded With Splendid Views

Roads are supposed to be the most beautiful part of the journeys because when it comes to recounting the moments lived, journeys make more memories than the destination itself. Road trips are mostly awaited by those travel fanatics who love to live out of a backpack. So, if you are a road tip fanatic who lives to experience the best of Indian outdoors then plan a road excursion through these beautiful highways in India.

The highways leading to some of the most obscure yet stunning places around India span breathtaking landscapes and lure the wanderers into a long never ending drives. For all the caution these roads demand they duly repay with some picture-perfect sights and stunning sites. Nilgiris & ECR in South India, the Himalayas in the North, Mumbai-Goa in the West make the highlight of the best Indian highways. Check out these 9 most beautiful highways in India.

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Highway: NH 49

The Pamban Bridge is indeed a man-made marvel that connects Indian mainland with Rameswaram Island. Also known as Madurai Rameshwaram road, the Pamban Bridge and road enables you to take the most scenic ride in India. The highway is flat and straight with most of the stretch enveloped by sea from both sides. You wouldn’t want this one to end for sure!

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Highway: East Coast Road

Popularly known as the East Coast Road, the Chennai-Pondicherry highway is a road for the discerning travelers. The road runs parallel to the vast Bay of Bengal and is every traveler’s fancy. The journey epitomized by seamless ocean view, cool ocean breeze, and an endless streak of pine around is the most preferred road to drive on to reach Pondicherry from Chennai.

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Highway: Visakhapatnam Road

If you are in the southwest coastal region of Indian mainland this is the drive that would leave you enthralled for sure. The ride from Visakhapatnam to Araku Valley is stunning in every way and stretches to 114 km along the Visakhapatnam Road. Are you up for this 3-hour ride of the lifetime?

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Mumbai Pune Highway leads to the Mumbai Pune Expressway which is certainly the most planned and stunning highways in the Ghats. For the maximum duration of almost 2 hours, you would remain bewitched by the iconic views all around. Being India’s first six-lane concrete, high-speed, access controlled expressway, a road drive here is for sure special and offers multiple viewpoints. The expressway is tolled and perfect 87 km drive to take.

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Highway: AH47 & NH 66

I’d rather call driving on this road as 12 hours of awesomeness. To experience the thrill offered by one of the most beautiful highways in India, one must drive through the Asian Highway 47 that takes from Mumbai to Goa. As you drive through this scenic high road it encompasses grand views and biodiversity-rich areas.

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Highway: Jawaharlal Nehru Rd

The trip from Guwahati to Assam is a thrilling ride across some of the most difficult terrains in the Himalayan land. The journey takes to the best of extreme road journey stretching for over 10 hours covering approximately 520 km. The challenging ride on this 55 km road stretch would make your journey even more enthralling. Gangtok to Lake Tsomgo in winter is a ride through the dreamy landscape that would fill you with awesomeness.

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Highway: NH13

There are road journeys that make you rejoice and reminisce and remain etched in your memory forever. In fact, most of the mountain journeys are remarkable in their own way. And Guwahati to Tawang is one such magical journey. The stretch boasts of incredible views and plenty of dangerous hairpin bends that would leave you thrilled. You must be utterly cautious while driving on this road. Every Indian, as well as foreign national, must have the Inner Line Permit (ILP) to enter Arunachal Pradesh.

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Highway: SH5

One of the most beautiful roads in the northeast, the Shillong – Cherrapunjee highway can be found engulfed in cloud and mist for the most duration of a year. And when the whole thing subsides, there appears a tranquilizing view that only fewer mortals would dare to forget. The one and a half hour ride is a 55 km journey of bliss and boasts of tremendous views.

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Highway: Manali-Leh Highway

I believe that there are roads journeys serene and stunning that cast a huge spell on us and can’t be described in a mere few words. Manali-Leh Highway is one such road that would overwhelm you leave you speechless for sure. The 479 km stretch of road remains open to the public for 3-4 months in a year before heavy snowfall cuts off the road route leading to this part of the Trans-Himalayan land from rest of the country. The 2-day journey is studded with views and spans over 2 days.

All of these highroads are travelers’ delight and they must be devoured for they keep beautiful moments & long for avid roadies.


1. Mumbai to Pune Expressway : Distance – 94 Kms
2. Manali to Leh Highway : Distance – 479 Kms
3. Visakhapatnam to Araku Valley : Distance – 116 Kms.
4. Shimla to Manali via Mandi : Distance – 250 Kms
5. Chennai to Pondicherry : Distance – 151 Kms
6. Guwahati to Tawang : Distance – 520 Kms
7. Puri to Konark on the NH 203 : Distance – 36 Kms