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Kyoto Festivals: 6 Traditional Celebrations Which Reflects The History Of The City!

Kyoto is not just a city which is known for its ancient temples and shrines, but this place is also famous for its traditional festivals which takes place throughout the year. These festivals are passed on after generation to generation and till date these festivals are celebrated with much grandeur. These festivals are spread across throughout the four seasons and every month gives a different vibe which is cherished by the locals and tourists. If you’re planning a getaway to this beautiful city of Japan, then make sure to miss out the Kyoto festivals which are worth experiencing.

Here are some of the best festivals which one must celebrate while on their trip and have a great time experiencing and learning the heritage and history of the place.

1. Gion Festival

Gion Festival

The Gion Matsuri festival in Kyoto is one of the biggest annual festival which is celebrated with much grandeur. This multiday festival is a racous street celebration which also reflects the religious observance. Initially the festival came into existence to pray for the deliverance from plague, but this festival hugely reflects the culture of Kyoto. In the present day, this festival a grand summer block party where the locals along with tourists gather around the streets wearing colorful yukata robes and tasting the delicious street food and beer.

Dates of the festival – 1st July – 31st July

Highlights of the festival

  • There is a three days preceding the parades at the Yoiyama streets.
  • The family heirlooms are displayed at the Byobu Matsuri
  • Taking a glimpse of the giant floats

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2. Jidai Festival

Jidai Festival

Followed by the Gion festival, comes the Jidai Matsuri festival in Kyoto or the “Festival of ages”, which is one of the most recommended festivals celebrated in Kyoto. There is a long parade which takes place from the Imperial palace and ends at the Heian Shrine commemorating the anniversary of foundation of Kyoto. The participants of the festival are dressed to showcase the period of Japanese history and famous historical figures.

Date of the festival – 26 October, 2019

3. Arashiyama Momiji Festival

Arashiyama Momiji Festival

The Arashiyama Momiji Festival is a colorful autumn festival which is celebrated in the Arashiyama district of Kyoto. This district is located at the western outskirts of Kyoto which is known for its ancient and traditional temples and shrines. The main highlight of the place is the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove which simply looks like a blissful sight during the autumn as the sun peeps through the bamboos. This festival is celebrated on the second Sunday of November with much vibrance and grandeur.

Date of the festival – Sunday, November 8
Timings: 10:30AM-12PM/ 1PM-3:30PM
Location: Arashiyama, Kyoto

Highlights of the festival

  • Colorful autumn leaves
  • Performers dressed in traditional Heian Period costumes
  • Traditional dance, music and art performances
  • Re-enactment of the nobles cruise down over the Oi river in small boats

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4. Setsubun Festival

Setsubun Festival

Setsubun Festival is an annual celebartion which commerates the onset of spring and celebrated in the first week of February. This is not a national holiday, but this festival is celebrated with much grandeur especially among the children. The entire day is filled with throwing and eating beans and making all the efforts to sway away the evil to welcome good fortune. This traditional festival was started centuries ago, but the tradition of throwing beans started during the Muromachi period (1337-1573). The beans are the symbol of purity and drive away the evil spirits which brings misfortune.

Date of the festival: Sunday, February 3, 2019
Timings: 2:30 p.m – 5:15 p.m
Location: Sensoji Temple, 2-3-1 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo

5. Minato Maizuru Chatta Festival

Minato Maizuru Chatta Festival

This extravagant festival is one of the most famous Kyoto summer festivals which takes place on the last Saturday and Sunday in July. The fireworks is an impressive way to end the final night which has now become an annual tradition. This view can be enjoyed by sitting alongside the beach while the fireworks are launched from the ship. The festival also includes a procession of local dances.

Date of the festival: July 27th & 28th, 2019

6. Ouka Festival

Ouka Festival

Ouka festival is a beautiful spring celebration which can be witnessed at the Hirano Shrine every year on April 10th. In the middle of the Heian period, emperor Hanayama had planted thousands of cherry trees which surrounds the Hirano Shrine. This place is perfect to take a glimpse at the beautiful cherry blossoms blooming in spring. In the present day, there are around 400 cherry trees of around 50 different species.

Date of the festival: April 10th
Location: 1, Hirano-Miyamoto-Cho, Kita-Ku, Kyoto-shi

Are you excited enough to indulge into a journey where you can learn about the culture of Kyoto and also celebrate the festivities? If yes, then here are some of the best festivals which rounds throughout the year which brings out all the good vibes and let the visitors experience a celebration time while on a vacation to Japan.

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Monsoon In Kerala: Explore The Coastal Gem Like Never Before In 2019!

The saying goes like this – “there’s beauty everywhere, you just have to look around”, and it is exactly what monsoon in Kerala feels like. Those who have always wondered why this dreamlike destination is called God’s own country, must experience rainy season in Kerala once in their lifetime.

You can also not afford to miss the famous five experiences that are a must to be enjoyed during monsoon season in Kerala. Although one needs no reason to enjoy a relaxing holiday in Kerala, the charm of monsoon season will give you enough reasons to pack your bags right away!

Kerala hill station

Being a tropical destination, Kerala enjoys a heavenly climate during the monsoon season. Striking a perfect balance between the hilly areas and the coastal region, monsoon in Kerala are majorly of two types.
South West Monsoon
With the onset of southwest monsoon from the month of June until September, Kerala enjoys a pleasant climate with its average temperature ranging between 19 to 30 degrees.

North East Monsoon
The second type of monsoon is that of northeast monsoon which spans from October through November wherein the average temperature fluctuates from 29 to 35 degrees. During this period of monsoon, one can feel the chills as Kerala gets ready to welcome winters.

Monsoon of Kerala brings out the beauty of God’s Own Country with washed green leaves, teeming rivers, and earthy smell. Go through this list to know how you can enjoy your Kerala vacation to the fullest.

1. The Rainy Romance – Cliched Yet Mandatory

couple in a house boat

Image Courtesy: Shutter Down

Monsoon and romance are made perfectly for each other. And it feels like a cherry on top when it involves Kerala monsoon in its realms. From the natural landscape to the air that surrounds you, breathes out romance, and only romance. This is why monsoon tourism in Kerala is considered to be of great significance as it attracts millions of travelers from all over the world.

Romantic Places In Kerala: Alleppey, Kumarakom, Kovalam, Vagamon, Thekkady, Kasargod, and more.

Kerala Holiday Packages On TravelTriangle

A holiday in Kerala will fill you with memories. Witness pristine backwaters with comfortable houseboats, lush green hill stations, waterfalls, and plantations of tea and spice. Indulge in an ayurvedic massage or taste exotic cuisines. Book a Kerela holiday on TravelTriangle. Best prices guaranteed.

2. Get Drenched Under The Magic-Weaving Waterfalls

water fall

Waterfalls seem to be in all their might and roar like a boss during monsoon in Kerala. Remember the one in Baahubali? It is the famous Athirappilly waterfalls. If it could serve as a perfect location for a movie, it is pretty assured to make your vacation epic as well.

Famous Waterfalls In Kerala: Athirappilly and Vazhachal waterfalls in Thrissur, Arippara waterfalls in Kozhikode, Chethalayam falls in Wayanad, Attukad waterfalls in Munnar, Keezharkuthu waterfalls in Idukki, and more.

3. Soak The Goodness Of The Hill Stations In Kerala

sky view of green Kerala

Hill stations look like little pieces of heaven in Kerala monsoon season. Spreading greenery like happiness, you cannot help but fall in love with the natural charm of the breathtaking hill stations in Kerala. Whether it’s a rejuvenating Kerala holiday or a quick weekend getaway, hill stations of Kerala are totally worth a visit.

Famous Hill Stations In Kerala: Munnar, Vagamon, Thekkady, Idukki, Peermedu, Malampuzha, Ayyampuzha, Malayattur, Gavi, Kalpetta, Malakkappara, and more.

4. Chai + Kerala Monsoon = Heaven

enjoy the best time with tea

Do we need to say anything more? This experience is on the list because chai time is the best time that makes enjoying monsoon in Kerala even more. For all chauvinists (tea-addicts) out there, this experience is surely your cup of tea that surrounds you with the delights of tea plantations and museums.

Famous Chai Points: Tea Museum in Munnar, Connemara Tea Factory Outlet in Periyar, Kolukkumalai tea estate in Munnar, Tea Bungalow in Kochi, and more.

5. Fall In Love With The Beaches In Kerala

witness an amazing sunset in the beach

The moment you set your foot on the smooth white sand beaches of Kerala, is the moment that keeps you hooked to this enticing beach holiday destination. Beaches are in full bloom during the rainy season in Kerala, that elevate your senses and allow your mind, body, & soul to connect with nature at its best.

Famous Beaches In Kerala: Kovalam Beach, Papanasam Beach in Varkala, Cherai Beach in Kochi, Kanwatheertha Beach in Kasaragod, Bekal Beach, Kizhunna Beach in Kannur, Kappad beach in Kozhikode, and more.

6. Relish The Off Season Perks

Enjoy the dream view in monsoon

Well monsoon in Kerala is not so popular with the tourists which makes it perfect for the lucky ones to enjoy the off season perks. Leveraging maximum benefits, offers, discounts, and low rates on hotels, tickets, sightseeing, etc., rainy season in Kerala can turn out to be a great deal for all you exploraholics.

7. Privacy Is All Yours

spend some time with your loved ones

Related directly to the above mentioned point, off season can also be translated literally into utmost privacy. The tourist attractions give you ample space to explore every place at your own pace. The crowd is less, the surroundings are calm, and the environs are just perfect during rainy season in Kerala.

Want that break from office work that you have been postponing for long now? Well, monsoon in Kerala, 2019 is perfect for you to explore these offbeat places.

1. Mattupetty

beautiful hill station near Munnar

Located at a distance of about 13 kilometers from Munnar, Mattupetty is a quaint little hill station which is often overshadowed by other famous getaways in Kerala. Much famed for its beautiful lake and the renowned Mattupetty Dam, this hilly retreat also serves as an ideal picnic spot in Kerala for families and friends.

Nearest Railway Station: Located at a distance of about 109 kilometers from Munnar, Angamaly is the nearest railhead to Mattupetty.
Nearest Airport: Cochin International Airport is located at a distance of 125 kilometers from Munnar.

2. Mararikulam

Relax for some time in Mararikulam

Set in the district of the ever-famous Alleppey, Mararikulam offers ample of space for friends, family, and folks to unwind on a relaxing holiday during monsoons in Kerala. Famous for its Marari beach that attracts thousands of travelers round the year, the beach is also a haven for watersport enthusiasts who enjoy surfing, parasailing, water skiing, and more.

Nearest Railway Station: Mararikulam has it own railway station.
Nearest Airport: Cochin International Airport is 75 kilometers away from Mararikulam.

3. Nelliyampathy

Heavenly feeling in Nelliyampathy

Located at a distance of about 60 kilometers from Palakkad, Nelliyampathy is a paradise in its own. Home to the famous point of Seetharkundu – the site where Lord Ram, Laxman, and Sita took rest during the period of their exile, the hill station of Nelliyampathy has a lot more to offer in Kerala monsoon than what meets the eye!

Nearest Railway Station: Palakkad is the nearest railway head at a distance of about 54 kilometers.
Nearest Airport: Coimbatore is the nearest airport which is just 55 kilometers from Palakkad and about 120 kilometers from Nelliyampathy.

4. Ponmudi

breath taking view of Ponmudi

Literally translating into “the Golden Peak”, Ponmudi is a breathtaking hill station located in the district of Thiruvananthapuram. Being a significant part of the western ghats, it contributes to a large extent to the charm of exhilarating landscapes in India.

Nearest Railway Station: Trivandrum Central Station is the closest railway head which is located about 60 kilometers away.
Nearest Airport: Trivandrum International Airport is located at a distance of about 60 kilometers.

5. Vagamon

try to be little adventurous in Vagamon

Naturally blessed with mesmerizing hills and valleys, Vagamon is the paragliding hub of Kerala. Offering scintillating views of nature and all that fits in, Vagamon is also famous for the popular pilgrimage site of Kurisumala, and the spell-bound Pine Hill which transforms into a stunning attraction during Kerala monsoon.

Nearest Railway Station: Kuttikanam is the nearest railway station at a distance of only 22 kilometers.
Nearest Airport: Cochin International Airport is about 100 kilometers away from Vagamon.

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When in Kerala, you cannot miss out on these amazing activities which will make your trip to Kerala a memorable one. Sit tight and read along to know more!

1. Cruise The Backwaters In A Houseboat

experience the houseboat in backwaters Kerala

Cruising the glistening backwaters of Kerala during monsoon in a houseboat needs no introduction as to how romantic the experience will be. Palm-lined shores, shining coastline, the soothing blue sky, and the crystal clear ocean, makes your stay in a houseboat one of the best experiences in the rainy season.

Famous Backwaters In Kerala: Alleppey, Kuttanad, Kumarakom, Kasargod, Cherai Island, Kollam, Kochi, Kottayam, Kozhikode, Thiruvananthapuram, and more.

2. Indulge In Ayurveda

calm your senses with Ayurveda treatment

Owing much to its tropical climate, the peak season in Kerala becomes a bit humid for those who love to indulge in the goodness of ayurveda. With a wide range of natural herbs, and medicinal plants, monsoon serves as the perfect climate to enjoy ayurveda spa treatments at its best and at much lower rates.

Famous Ayurveda Resorts: Somatheeram in Kovalam, Carnoustie Ayurveda in Mararikulam, Kalari Kovilakom in Palakkad, Sarovaram Ayurvedic Health Center in Kollam, Athreya Ayurvedic Resort in Kottayam, and more.

3. Double The Festival Fun

have some fun with Kerala festival in monsoon

It’s needless to say how high the spirits are at the festivals of Kerala which also happens to be celebrated in the rainy season. From the 10-day Onam celebrations, and the dance festival of Theyyam, to the traditional celebrations of snake boat racing, monsoon in Kerala brings a lot of happiness, thrill, fun, and entertainment along that adds to the joys of travelers.

Famous Monsoon Festivals: Onam in August, Boat races from July to September, and Theyyam in November-end.

4. Admire The Wildlife At Its Best

experience some adventure

Are you a wildlife enthusiast? Then Kerala is the place to be for you. With numerous wildlife sanctuaries and national parks across the state, Kerala enables the travelers to explore the lush and raw flora and fauna at its best during monsoon. From Nilgiri Tahr and Bengal Tiger, to the lion-tailed macaque, Indian elephants, and different species of birds & animals can be spotted at the many wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala.

Famous Wildlife and Bird Sanctuaries: Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary in Thekkady, Eravikulam National Park in Idukki, Begur Wildlife Sanctuary in Wayanad, Parambikulam Tiger Reserve in Palakkad, Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, and more.

5. Stay In Traditional Tree Houses

Spare your few days to stay in tree house

Popularly known as the “Erumadam” in the local language of Malayalam, traditional tree houses are a must experience in Kerala during monsoons. With fresh air all around, a tree house accommodation offers the most soothing views of hills, valleys, lakes, waterfalls, and the reviving nature. For those who look forward to a relaxing holiday in the lap of nature, staying at a tree house in Kerala is the key to happiness for them.

Famous Tree House Resorts: Vythiri Tree House Resort in Wayanad, Vanya Tree House in Thekkady, Rainforest Tree House in Athirapally, Nature Zone Resort in Munnar, and more.

Kerala at it's best in monsoon

For those who are looking forward to enjoy an extraordinary offbeat experience in Kerala, must consider going on an exhilarating road trip that covers the shimmering coastline of Kerala. We need not say how charming the roads, the seas, the coastline, and mother nature looks, during monsoon season.

From the famous places to the lesser known gems, hit India’s very own Great Ocean Road that offers three awesome routes to major tourist hubs like that of Alappuzha, Varkala, and Goa, of course. Now who wouldn’t want a roadtrip to Goa? Check out the best three routes below and get ready to absorb some Vitamin sea.

1. First Route

Kanhangad → Payyanur → Kannur → Thalassery → Kappad → Ponnani → Vypin → Mararikulam → Kollam → Poovar

Distance Covered: 588 kilometers approx.
Average Time Taken: About 16 hours via NH 66

Famous Things To Do Along Route 1: Explore the Ettikulam Beach in Payyanur, visit the famous Hosdurg Fort in Kanhangad, admire the Muzhappilangad beach in Kannur, take a romantic walk at the Marari Beach in Mararikulam, witness the exotic sunset views from Tellicherry Pier in Thalassery, and much more.

2. Second Route

Kochi → Alappuzha → Varkala → Thiruvananthapuram → Kovalam

Distance Covered: 223 kilometers approx.
Average Time Taken: About 6 hours via NH 66

Famous Things To Do Along Route 2: Visit the Neyyar Dam in Thiruvananthapuram, explore the roots of Chowara fishing village near Kovalam, relax on the famous beaches of Kovalam, enjoy a boat ride at Kappil lake in Varkala, enjoy parasailing in Kovalam, and much more.

3. Third Route

Kochi → Thrissur → Kozhikode → Kannur → Kasargod → Udupi → Gokarna → Goa

Distance Covered: 818 kilometers approx.
Average Time Taken: About 19 hours via NH544

Famous Things To Do Along Route 3: Explore the Periyar river, visit the spot where Vasco Da Gama stepped first at Kappad Beach, admire the stunning Bekal Fort, explore the port town of Karwar, do not miss out on Gokarna, and much more.

Mesmerized much? Before you sway into your dreamland just looking at the stunning pictures, customize your own trip to Kerala, the way you want it with TravelTriangle. So, get ready to explore monsoon in Kerala in 2019 and once you’re back, share your travel stories with us at Happy Traveling!


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6 Most Haunted Places In Texas That You Cannot Visit At Night!

Texas is a beautiful place that offers a plethora of amazing places to visit and adventurous things to do. From lakes and mountains to national parks and deserts, it offers blissful places that will take you closer to nature and leave you in awe of it. But, there lies a dark side to the state that might leave you wondering about the unearthly things. We are talking about the haunted places in Texas which show that there lies a parallel world where everything is not that right. If you are daring enough to visit these places, here are the details.

Here is a list of the top haunted places in Texas that will scare you up from head to toe and make you think about the paranormal world. Take a look!

1. The Alamo

The Alamo

The Alamo is one of the most famous places to visit in the city and also one of the top haunted places in Texas. It is a favoured place amongst the schools for a day trip. However, the place is also infamous for the presence of spirits and ghosts. The guards of the monument have reported hearing footsteps and seeing a small boy in the premises. The history has it that during the siege of 1836, many people were killed here.

Location: 300 Alamo Plaza, San Antonio, TX 78205, USA

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2. Lake Highlands High School

Lake Highlands

You would not have imagined that in the list of haunted places in Texas, a school is also included! The school is known to have a spirit of its own and is infamous across the city. A school kid names Elizabeth fell to death and is said to be roaming in the school premises. Students and teachers have made complaints of seeing things moving in the classrooms. Will you ever think of studying in such a school?

Location: 9449 Church Rd, Dallas, TX 75238, USA

3. Spaghetti Warehouse

Spaghetti Warehouse

The place is said to be haunted by ghastly spirits that scared people for a very long time. A restaurant that was located here became the home of eerie happenings. Guests as well as employees used to hear strange voices and footsteps. According to the disturbing history of the place, a pharmacist died by falling from the elevator shaft and has been the reason for it according to the employees. This is one of the most haunted places in Texas.

Location: Dallas, TX, United States

4. Menger Hotel

Menger Hotel

Hotels have always this one peculiar thing about them, that is, a sinister story associated to them. Menger hotel was one of the popular hotels in the city and was visited by famous personalities like the ex-president Teddy Roosevelt. According to the people who had scary encounters, the ex-president is seen serving a drink to himself in the bar room of the hotel. Also, a room-service girl who was murdered is seen doing her duties at night! This is definitely one of the scariest haunted places in Texas.

Location: 204 Alamo Plaza, San Antonio, TX 78205, USA

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5. El Paso High School

El Paso High School

Yet another haunted school in the state of Texas, El Paso High School will give you jitters with its story. Once in its yearbook an unidentified student’s photograph was published. Nobody saw that student ever! And not just this, the faculty and students heard applauds and loud cheering from the basketball court a lot of times. Seems scary to even think about it, doesn’t it?

Location: 800 E Schuster Ave, El Paso, TX 79902, USA

6. White Sanitarium

White Sanitarium

Sanitariums have become the spots for eerie occurrences lately. Not less than a movie, the story of this old asylum goes like, some medical procedure was being run and several patients died due to it. It resulted in its bad reputation as those patients are said to become ghosts and haunt the corridors of the sanitarium.

Location: 508 Olen St, Wichita Falls, TX 76301-7874

If these haunted places triggered you to head out for an adventurous expedition and if you are bold enough to confront the ghosts, then, plan a trip to US, head to Texas and start your own hunting of the ghosts.

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5 Places To Visit Near Kebun Raya Bali For 4 Days With Your Family In 2019!

There are several avenues for adventure and entertainment in Kebun Raya, Bali. From paragliding and rafting to marine park safaris and cultural tours, you will be spoilt for choice. The places to visit near Kebun Raya Bali for 4 days are nothing short of extraordinary. Bali Treetop Adventure Park, located in the heart of Kebun Raya, is a prime attraction. It is Indonesia’s biggest botanical garden. If you harbor dreams of swinging from tree to tree like Mowgli, this place is a great choice for you. You will be surrounded by lush green landscapes on this fun canopy tour. Experience the excitement of zip lining, walking on suspension bridges, Tarzan jumping, flying foxes, and more with your friends and family. There are 9 adventure circuits in this adventure park with thrilling obstacles for all ages. This adventure park is tailor-made to suit different age ranges.

One of the reasons why Bali Treetop Adventure Park is popular among all is because it ensures it follows eco-friendly sustainable practices. All the circuit platforms are held in their place using a compression system to avoid trees from getting severely damaged as well for minimizing tree trunk degradation. The innovative system prevents cables from cutting into trees. Now, isn’t that a smart move? We think it definitely is. Before going on an adventure ride, the instructor will take you through a brief safety briefing where you will learn how the circuit works and how to use the equipment. He will also escort you along the circuit and will assist you whenever you falter.

We have shortlisted 5 places to visit near Kebun Raya Bali for 4 days with your friends and family where you will be surrounded by lush greenery and experience thrilling adventures. Apart from Bali Treetop Adventure Park, there are several off-the-radar places that you should venture to for exploring the often overlooked side of Bali. Bali has a lot to offer you if you keep your eyes peeled and your mind open:

1. Zen Hideaway



A must to-do-thing while in you are in Ubud. Take a swing of faith with a view of the ‘Ayung River’ over the deep valley and forests below you. It is a bit expensive but worth if you can afford it. The Zen Hideaway is located in a village named Bongkasa. The Zen Hideaway swing flies over a dense forest of palm trees. To book a swing you will have to inquire first and you will be provided with available date options. The swing session is only for 30 minutes independent of the number of people on your group, so divide the time in such a manner so that everyone gets the chance. It is one of the most peaceful places to visit near Kebun Raya Bali for 4 days.

Location: Bongkasa Pertiwi, Abiansemal, Badung Regency, Bali, Indonesia

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2. Ayung River



This river is famous for its white waters and therefore this is one place you cannot miss out on while planning kayaking in Bali! Go up and down the rapids, enjoy the swirls in the water and get an adrenaline rush as the water level goes high and low. Apart from this, you will get to witness the lush jungle, animals, waterfalls and a lot more while kayaking in this river. It is definitely one of the best places for Kayaking in Ubud, Bali.

Price: Starting From INR 6447

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3. Ubud


Encircled by lush green mountains, Ubud is another romantic place to see in Bali. Famed as trade and craft centre of Bali, Ubud boasts of terraced paddy fields, rainforest, heritage temples and famous Elephant Cave.

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Planning your holiday in Bali but confused about what to do? These Bali travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

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4. Blanco Renaissance Museum



Set on top of the valley of Campuhan, this is a must visit for all art lovers that end up in Bali. The place used to be the residence and studio of the well-known Filipino artist Don Antonio Blanco who lived and painted the beautiful Bali islands after emigrating here in 1952. The artwork is a great way to see the gorgeous sights of Bali through the eyes of a wonderfully talented artist. The place has a gift shop, a lush garden space and a great cafe where you can spend a relaxing day with companions. It is one of the best places to visit near Kebun Raya Bali for 4 days.

Location: Ubud
Entry fees: INR 236
Timings: 9 AM – 5 PM
Best Known: Artwork


5. Jatiluwih Green Land



This place is a must visit if you are in Bali in October. Once a candidate for UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Jatiluwih rice terraces are a shock of geen on the gentle hills of the Batukaru mountain ranges. The picture-perfect appearance of the tropical vegetation, spread over a stunning 300 acres, is never more apparent than when the rain just starts to pour, making October the best time to visit in Bali for honeymoon couples and other people looking to bask in natures romance. The place is also a heaven if you are looking for the perfect Bali picture to put on your Instagram.

Location: Jatiluwih Village, 60 kilometers from Ngurah Rai Airport
Entry Fees: INR 200
Timings: 6 AM – 7 PM
Best Known: Heritage Site

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These places to visit near Kebun Raya Bali for 4 days will astound you with their beauty and charm. Make sure to visit these places on your Bali excursion with TravelTriangle and avail exciting deals and discounts in the process. You can also customize the trip according to your requirements and have the itinerary personalised for you. Get packing!

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5 Best Things To Do In Kampar, Malaysia For An Adventurous Vacation

Visiting Malaysia is a good option if you are looking for unique places to visit and adventurous things to do. The country has so much in store that you will be left spoilt for choice. There is something in every little corner so that you won’t go back empty-handed. Whether you are visiting Malaysia with family, friends or your partner, it will leave you mesmerized to the core. Whether you head to the capital city Kuala Lumpur or to any other town in the country, you will find something to do. Kampar is a small town in the country that is considerable for a thrilling experience during a vacation in Malaysia. There are many things to do in Kampar, Malaysia that will help you have a memorable holiday and give you a unique experience.

The town of Kampar originated in 1887 and since then it has established as a great place to live and visit. Though you can visit the town anytime of the year, the best time to visit Kampar is from December to March. And if you want to enjoy the activities that the town offers then you should visit it from June to August. The weather is perfect to step out and have the ultimate fun. The town has a lot to offer and caters to the needs of all kinds of travelers. You can explore the places, go shopping, eat at the restaurants and spend the day cheerfully. If you are looking for staying options in the town, then some of the best places to stay in Kampar are Kampar boutique hotel, Grand Kampar hotel and more. So, with everything in your hand, keep this guide with you and add these places to your itinerary before planning a trip to Malaysia.

Here is a list of the best things to do in Malaysia that will let you have a heartwarming experience of holidaying there. Take a look!

1. Capture The Street Art


The Lonely Planet title brought in thousands of international visitors that would not have otherwise made it. The place has since built a reputation as a cool place to be, especially because of the expansive street art here which is one of the authentic Ipoh activities. Moreover, because the place is not as crowded as Penang, you have the art all to yourself. Visiting the Mural Arts Lane near Jalan Masjid and the giant Ipoh mural of Old Uncle Drinking Coffee on Jalan Tun Sambanthan should be on your list of things to do in Ipoh if you are into graffiti and street art.

Location: Ipoh Mural Art Trail

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2. Visit The Cave Temples


The cave temples were the central attraction in Ipoh long before street art came calling and are still one of the top things to do in Ipoh. There are three temples here, namely the Perak Tong, Kek Lok Tong, and Sam Poh Tong. Of these, the Perak Tong is the most popular and as you enter the cave, you will see a host of murals on the walls, including one of a giant Buddha. You have to then ascend 400 to 500 stairs to come out at the top.

Location: Bus 35 from Medan Kidd Station
Timings: 8 AM – 5 PM

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3. Enjoy The Food


Ipoh is called the lost food capital of Malaysia. And given the wide range of culinary delights that you can have here, it is not a surprise. White coffee is an Ipoh invention and is made by marinating coffee beans in margarine. Lou Wongs classic chicken and bean sprouts are something that you have to eat while you are in Ipoh. Sampling food here is one of the best things to do in Ipoh.

Best place to eat: Taman Jubilee
Cost for two: INR 500

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4. Get Clicked With Funny Pictures At Funtasy House


While the name might sound strange (it is a juxtaposition of Fun and Fantasy), the artists here have worked pretty hard to make this a really fun place for tourists. Drawing from the desire of people to click unusual photos with street art that is all too common in Ipoh, you can get clicked at the Funtasy House standing upside down or even getting eaten by a shark!

Location: Jalan Market
Timings: 9 AM – 8 PM
Entry cost: INR 340 for adults, free for children under 4

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5. Shop At Ipoh Markets


The shopping districts of Ipoh are diverse and have a lot of things to offer. The Night Market offers things such as electronics and computer accessories as well as clothing and footwear, and walking around here is one of the most entertaining things to do in Ipoh at night. The Memory Lane Flea Market is legendary in Ipoh though, and you can get anything from jewellery and trinkets to furniture at a bargain!

Timings: Night Market: 4 PM – 1 PM | Flea Market: 10 AM – 6 PM

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These things to do in Kampar, Malaysia will be enough to satiate your craving for something adventurous. Reaching Kampar is not a difficult task since the town is connected well with other big cities in Malaysia. The nearest airport is Sultan Azlan Shah airport. Once you reach the airport, you can take a taxi to Kampar which takes almost half an hour to reach there. It is located 36 kms away from the airport. Kampar is majorly preferred by families visiting Malaysia, so if you are visiting Kampar with your family you can consider these things. Now without hesitating, plan a trip to Malaysia with TravelTriangle and enjoy like never before.

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